Curly & Jordan Cantelon - 1 (3)

Curly is an athlete.  She had several years off raising colts and came back as strong as ever.  She neck reins, moves off your leg, stops, backs, AND the breed is hypoallergenic.  Check out the pictures - she just wants to carry little kids around and be loved.

"Curly was wonderful to work with. Her groundwork was solid and had a great stop to her. My favorite memory was riding to cow camp while working on gaining her confidence at a lope. On the way back I felt that she was getting more comfortable and we had a nice relaxed loping session." - Jordan

  • Size - 14.2 hh
  • Age - 23 (b. 2000)
  • Sex - Mare
  • Color - Chestnut
  • Breed - American Bashkir Curly Horse
  • Registration - Grade
  • Rider level - Intermediate to advanced
  • Temperament - Gentle, quiet, kind
  • Experience - Trail riding and ranch work
  • Rides on a loose rein
  • Wants to please
  • Responds to frequent positive reinforcement
  • Available now

Curly in Action

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Video available

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