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One of the most responsive horses on the ranch, Lynx is also attentive, gentle, and quiet.  He is alert, steps right along without being kicked every step, and is happy leading a ride or bringing up the rear.  Used to being ridden in the hills and rough country, he is in good health and sound.  Lynx is recommended for a lightweight rider due to a bump on his right knee (probably from having been kicked in the knee) that may cause him discomfort if ridden by a heavy person, or in demanding, steep country.

  • Size - 16 hh
  • Age - 19 (b. 2003)
  • Sex - gelding
  • Color - sorrel
  • Breed - Quarter Horse
  • Registration - Grade
  • Rider level - Any level
  • Temperament - Gentle
  • Experience - Trail riding and ranch horse
  • Rides on a loose rein
  • Wants to please
  • Responds to frequent positive reinforcement
  • Available June 25

Lynx in Action

Video available
Video available

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